About us

Let me introduce myself.

My name is Jo Timmers and doing business is in my blood, always with a lot of enthusiasm. Let this be the project where I really lost my heart.

How it all started...

It started ten years ago when, like every year, we went to the Ardennes with a large group of friends. Rent a house, socialize, eat, walk, in short: enjoy …

During such a walk we passed a striking house from the year 1744, still in its original state, which had not been inhabited for years. How curious I am, I tried to look inside …

And there I knew it then. I felt a connection. When we got home, the search started immediately. I could not let it go. After a while I found the owners: two older sisters. My question whether they wanted to sell it, was rejected.
They still couldn’t get rid of it.

Go-getter as I am, I managed to convince the ladies to take a look with them in the house. I finally got a tour and listened curiously to their stories and the history of the farm.

My enthusiasm probably didn’t escape the sisters at the time because a year later I was called to ask if I was still interested in the building.

They only wanted to sell it because they knew that I would treat the house with respect.
After all, it was 100 years of family ownership.

The sale has been settled. The start of the reconstruction took place fairly quickly. In the past three years we have worked hard to restore this house to its former glory.

I like to stay here, but it is too good not to share it with you.
So I invite you. Welcome and give this building a new life and a bright future.

Enjoy it!